Going hand-in-hand with our construction capabilities is our civil work. Since 1980 we have been involved in many public and private sector infrastructure projects across the island. We have an excellent track record in successfully undertaking oſten complex works, and it is a testament to our technical expertise that we are seen as one of the most competent contractors in this field.
Clients include Cyprus Public Works Department, municipalities, councils, district administration offices and other investors.

Areas of Civil Works Specialisation

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Project Management –
Design & Build Contracts
Trapezaris Construction undertakes management services for project owners, architects, engineers, and other industry consultants. We provide seamless integration between all stages of the building process—from concept or preconstruction to project completion and handover.

Our consultants provide proactive problem-solving solutions for any construction programme. Increasingly, project stakeholders prefer the simplicity of having one party undertake the design and build. In this case, we manage the entire project based on the scope presented by the owner.

Civil and Infrastructure Works
Trapezaris Construction owns and operates a comprehensive fleet of plant and machinery. This enables us to take on a wide range of civil works.
We have applied our expertise to projects across the island using experienced,
skilled and technically proficient personnel to successfully. We have the expertise to successfully undertake an array of work, including bridges, deep excavations, piling work, and ground stabilisation.

A full-service asphalt and roadworks contractor, we are fully conversant with the technical requirements of all types of roadworks from highways to rural byways, together with pavements, hard standings and parking areas.

Sewage and Drainage
Our professional team is able to undertake sewage and drainage projects for government, municipalities and private clients. Works include storm water drainage, sewerage systems, water supply lines and house connections.

Working with architects and designers, we have the ability to meet all soſt and hard landscaping construction needs.

Experienced in moving large quantities of soil and sub-surface material, we understand the critical associated geotechnical implications, such as soil fluidity and friction.

Demolition & Removal
We undertake the demolition of all types of structures safely and efficiently, and in full compliance with regulations and environmental considerations. And by using the latest robotic demolition equipment, personnel operate at safe distances. Importantly, we carefully preserve valuable elements for reuse prior to disposal.