The construction industry is constantly changing, and so is Trapezaris Construction. Even though business as usual means adhering to the highest of standards, this alone is no longer
enough. In an industry filled with vague catch phrases and ideas that are meaningless without actions, we transform these vague concepts into solid ways of doing business.

Knowing that total client satisfaction gives the best results, we pool our resources to deliver the best experience. We focus on creating a win-win situation, ensuring clear communication with clients and their representatives at every stage. When clients work with us they will experience a different approach that goes further than just simply taking on a job.

They will find that we are highly enthusiastic and proactive during the construction stages. We implement a technically-based approach that adds value to the project: effectively communicating with consultants and clients, reviewing and suggesting alternative techniques and materials, carrying out risk assessments so as to pre-empt problems, and following processes and working methods that guarantee safety and quality of works. Our design management experience and knowledge allow us to collaborate with the client and the design team to formulate strategies and options that will elevate the project and reduce short- and long-term risks.

With a vast inventory of modern plant and machinery and an experienced associated workforce at our disposal, Trapezaris Construction is capable of providing all the resources to undertake complex building and infrastructure projects.


To build on a tradition of trust through dedication, collaboration, customer satisfaction and value creation.


Our primary asset is our people; and to enable us to grow and be successful, we must provide opportunities and encouragement to help them reach their potential. We also regard our relationships with clients as a form of teamwork—where mutual respect generates its own rewards.

Following the highest ethical standards, and always doing the right thing, our business functions on the basis of total integrity.

Trusting, lasting relationships are the essence of a great business, so we pay personal attention to every client; focusing on them as individuals, not companies.

Workplace Health & Safety
We have adopted a culture aimed at a zero-accident workplace; providing the safest conditions possible for our employees, subcontractors, clients and others who visits our construction sites. For every project we devise and implement a specific safety programme, and at all times we strive to eliminate incidents by carefully pre-planning construction activities with safety the key consideration.

We foster a positive culture of diversity and inclusion. Employees are encouraged to contribute creative ideas, seek challenges, and grasp opportunities. This in turn enables the company to evolve, and helps to build positive relationships amongst employees, industry partners, and clients.

Success is based on the ability to adapt and respond. Innovation and continuous improvement are essential if we are to grow our business. We actively embrace emerging technologies and processes, applying them appropriately to give clients better, more effective outcomes.

Social Responsibility
The way we do business is important to us and we’re proud that we do it professionally, responsibly and ethically. We follow a strategy that reflects our commitment to working together with our staff, our clients and the community around us to ensure that any impact we make is for the better.

Environmental Responsibility
Fully aware of the potential environmental, social, and economic impact that our activities may have on a community, we recognise that it is our responsibility to conduct business in a transparent and ethical manner that places the community and the environment at the forefront of our planning and operations.

To us, sustainability is not just a buzzword. It’s something we practice every day, in so many ways, by implementing new and better approaches to deliver client projects:

  • Minimizing waste and maximizing use of time, labour, and materials.
  • Perfecting the use of steel-reinforced concrete for general building to deliver safer, stronger, and more efficient buildings.
  • Using building techniques that incorporate green methods and materials.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Establishing a set of sustainability standards for each project location.
  • Devising a waste management plan that takes into account all environmental considerations.

Every action is planned down to the smallest detail so that collaboration, and an uninterrupted workflow, deliver completed projects to the full satisfaction of the client.